Coral Gaters We Will Prevail – Miami City Hall.

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I  would like to thanks all of the residents that attended the Planning and Zoning Appeals Board Meeting tonight. Oh Boy! We all had all our buttons and some had the old buttons on as well.

Residents were still arriving as we had already accomplished what the Steering Committee planned.

We GATERS really know how to represent ourselves and will not give -up.

The Planning Director requested to have the item heard in April. The HOA in behalf of all residents requested February.

The item will be heard February 19, 2014 and it-will be heard at 7 pm to have residents be able to arrange
Child care and work.

The Planning Board will be requesting a workshop for residents. They will handle the notices.

Thank You again and we will see all of you on February 19th at 7pm at Miami City Hall.

Pictures of Coral Gaters in Miami City Hall.
Photo credit : Tally Yunes, husband of Madeline Keller, residents of Coral Gate

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 11.06.19 AM City of Mall

NCD Coral Gate Update

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We are pleased to inform you, the Chief of Staff for Commissioner Francis Suarez has reassured us the issue of the change of zoning designation for the two homes on Douglas Road (SW 37 Avenue) between SW 20th and 21st Streets will be “continued” until after the January Planning and Zoning Board meeting.

There is no need for you to attend the October 22 city Commission meeting.

We hope you will attend the November 7th. General Neighborhood Meeting , 7:00 pm at Coral Gate Park, where we Will discuss the history of the applicants wanting the change in zoning and we will decide at the Board Meeting next week who will be our guests.

Please know we, the members of the Coral Gate Board of Directors, very much appreciate those who attended the previous Planning and Zoning Committee meeting, and all of you who wanted to attend the city Commission Meeting.

Please know we all appreciate you giving of your time and energy to help preserve our very special neighborhood. Because of you, we live in a very special place.

Thank you.

Maria Doval
Chairman of the Board
Coral Gate Neighborhood Association.

Traffic Calming Devices for Coral Gate

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Calming Devices are currently in the conceptual phase.These are proposed conceptual plans that now go to City of Miami CIP and they will evaluate and advice as to what our next step is. For more information on this project, please email us at




Coral Gate does not tolerate Crime!

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After a few days of on-going criminal activity in Coral Gate channel 7 and the city of Miami Police department stepped in to help. See live news coverage below.

Channel 7 News footage  Video

City of Miami Opens Coral Gate Park

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Source :


After 13 months of construction, a new recreation building opened at Coral Gate Park on July 28.

Additions include an air-conditioned building with rooms to host several programs at once. Construction of a new playground will begin Sept. 15. This is also the location of the new Coral Gate NET office. The total cost of the project was about $1.5 million. The park is at 1415 SW 32nd Ave in Miami’s Coral Gate neighborhood.

Before the construction project, the small recreation building had no air conditioning and could accommodate only a small after school program and summer camp. The park now also has its own parking area, which it did not have before the renovations.

With the renovation of the building, kid ages 6 to 13 from the surrounding neighborhood can enjoy an after school program that includes homework help and games, in an air conditioned building. The after-school program will start in the fall, and will run from 2 p.m. until 7 p.m.

On top of the new building and playground, Coral Gate Park has incorporated a computer lab. This lab contains 17 computer terminals and will be available for use in the mornings and evenings, when the after-school program is not running.

Long term goals include creating a computer class for seniors encouraging them to get online, as well as social game nights.

Pictures of the Coral Gate Wall in Action!

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Coral Gate Wall as it was being built  click here for more:

RE: Coral Gate Community Improvements

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City Manager

January 4, 2012

RE: Coral Gate Community Improvements

Project No. B-30717.01

Dear Resident:

As part of our neighborhood enhancement program, the City of Miami will be making much needed improvements during the next few weeks. Personnel and equipment from F.H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen & Associates will be working in your neighborhood during this time.

The work consists of milling and resurfacing, ADA ramps, curbs, signing, pavement markings, landscaping, and drainage improvements at the intersection of SW 20 Street and Coral Gate Drive (SW 36 Avenue). Additionally, the work will also consist of the construction of a traffic calming device at this intersection. The project is anticipated to start on January 9, 2012 and will take approximately 90 days to complete, weather permitting.

The City of Miami is funding this work; therefore, there will be no special assessment to adjacent property or business owners to pay for this project. You may experience inconveniences during construction, but we ask for your cooperation so as to complete the project as quickly as possible, with minimum inconvenience to the public.

If you have any questions, please contact our Public information section at CIP; their contact information is as follows:

Wendy Jaramillo – (305) 416-1284
Marcia Lopez – (305) 416-1063


Maurice Hardie
Construction Manager

444 S.W. 2nd Avenue, 8th Floor Miami. FL 33130 (305) 41 6-1280 Fax: (305) 416-2153
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 330708, Miami, FL 33233-0708

City Manager

4 de enero de 2012

Re: Mejoras a la comunidad de Coral Gate

Numero de Proyecto: B-30717.01

Estimado Residente:

Continuando con el programa de mejoras comunitarias, la Ciudad de Miami comenzara haciendo mejoras y reparaciones durante las pr6ximas semanas. Personal y equipos de F.H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen & Associates estaran trabajando en su vecindario durante este tiempo.

El trabajo consiste en la repavimentaci6n de la calle, rampas de accesibilidad conforme a la ley federal para discapacitados, ADA (American Disability Act), bordillos, sefializaci6n, marcas en el pavimento, areas verdes, y mejoras en el drenaje en la intersecci6n de la Calle 20 SW Y Coral Gate Drive (Avenida 36 SW). Ademas, el trabajo tambien consistira en la construcci6n de un dispositiv~ para calmar el trafico en la intersecci6n. Se anticipa que el proyecto comience el 9 de enero, 2012 y terminara en aproximadamente 90 dias.

La Ciudad de Miami estara proveyendo los fondos para lIevar a cabo este trabajo; por l0 tanto, no se impondra un impuesto especial a los duefios de las propiedades adyacentes para pagar por estas reparaciones. Usted podra experimentar algunas inconveniencias durante el periodo de construcci6n, pero Ie pedimos su cooperaci6n de manera que este proyecto pueda ser completado con la mayor rapidez posible y la men or inconveniencia a ustedes los residentes.

Si tuviera preguntas adicionales, por favor contactar a nuestra secci6n de Informaci6n Publica del Departamento de Mejoras Capitales:

Wendy Jaramillo – (305) 416-1284
Marcia Lopez – (305) 416-1063


Maurice Hardie

Gerente de Construcci6n

444 S.W. 2nd Avenue, 8th Floor Miami. FL 33130 (305) 41 6-1280 Fax: (305) 416-2153
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 330708, Miami, FL 33233-0708