Coral Gate Activism

2011-2018 Ongoing CGHA Projects

Your CGHA has worked on several fronts to Defeat Encroaching Development. First, by a developer’s attempt to turn homes into offices, then a battle against turning four Coral Gate homes into a parking lot. — and, more recently, the proposed conversion of a duplex on 17th Street to a commercial venture that would abut Coral Gate homes.

Beautify Coral Gate

Musial Circle Entrance was constructed and landscaped. Ongoing tree-plantings have continued in collaboration with Citizens for a Better South Florida. Our next project is to repaint the entrance to match the color scheme of the new wall.

Adopt a Circle

Neighbors, if you are interested in sponsoring a circle on your street, the city of Miami will be happy to recognize you for your effort.  You may also bring volunteers from an organization of your choice to help maintain the traffic circle of your choice.   No fees are involved.  This is what it entails:

1. Perform landscaping and maintenance at least 12 times per year;
2. Perform landscaping and maintenance during daylight hours and good weather conditions only;
3. Conduct safety meetings prior to landscaping and maintenance sessions;
4. Wear safety vests while performing landscaping and maintenance activities (provided by Public Works Department)

This program is sponsored by Commissioner Suarez and is very easy to join.
Click here to download the Adopt-A-Circle application.

Establish Citizens Crime Watch

Current Board Chair Maria Doval began her involvement by streamlining Crimewatch and establishing an effective e-mail communication network. Block Captains have been established for various sectors and annual meetings with local police have led to improved reaction time to crimes reported in Coral Gate. Dr. Julie Hood is the current Crimewatch Coordinator.

Bring Increased Safety to Our Streets

The signal at Alhambra and Douglas was timed for the safety of Gate residents. We continue to seek a left-turn signal at Coral Way and Coral Gate Drive. The first phase already in place is evidenced by the “candlesticks” in front of Sears and the added turning lane in front of Boston Market. The CGHA continues to press for additional street calming within our streets. NEXT: the candlesticks will be replaced by a median to facilitate traffic in and out of Coral Gate.

Enhance the Quality of Life within Coral Gate

The new Coral Gate Wall is up!  Since its dedication in May, 2010, residents have enjoyed increased security and quiet as a result of this construction. The project was paid for completely by city of Miami funds raised by the transportation half-penny tax, A previous street project by the city included new curbs and bus stops on 32nd Avenue. Coral Gate will benefit by the next project which is a new recreational building at Coral Gate Park.

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