Coral Gaters We Will Prevail - Miami City Hall.

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Coral Gaters We Will Prevail – Miami City Hall.

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I  would like to thanks all of the residents that attended the Planning and Zoning Appeals Board Meeting tonight. Oh Boy! We all had all our buttons and some had the old buttons on as well.

Residents were still arriving as we had already accomplished what the Steering Committee planned.

We GATERS really know how to represent ourselves and will not give -up.

The Planning Director requested to have the item heard in April. The HOA in behalf of all residents requested February.

The item will be heard February 19, 2014 and it-will be heard at 7 pm to have residents be able to arrange
Child care and work.

The Planning Board will be requesting a workshop for residents. They will handle the notices.

Thank You again and we will see all of you on February 19th at 7pm at Miami City Hall.

Pictures of Coral Gaters in Miami City Hall.
Photo credit : Tally Yunes, husband of Madeline Keller, residents of Coral Gate

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