Decades of Accomplishments by the Coral Gate Community


Residents lobbied to have Coral Gate park built within walking distance from their homes Neighbors collaborated with FPL to have street lights installed. The Coral Gater newsletter was launched in 1951 and mailed to residents at a cost of $.01.


Homeowners banded together after two homes became a commercial office building on Douglas Road. The Coral Gate Homeowners Association (CGHA) was formally organized in 1987.The CGHA lobbied the Miracle Center to construct and maintain the barricade at 33rd Avenue.Varadero Supermarket threatened to level four homes for more parking. CGHA won that battle and the homes are still standing.


Temporary barricades were installed following extensive traffic studies that resulted in the current street closures. The Traffic Study proved that based on our 463 homes, local traffic should be 1,157 cars. In reality, an average of 19,000 cars traveled through Coral Gate per day at an average speed of 45 mph. The study reinforced our demands for street closures.


Coral Gate celebrated 50 years with an anniversary block party with marching band, mounted police and fire trucks. Honored guests were the 18 original homeowners who had bought into Coral Gate in 1950. CGHA challenged the conversion of a home on Douglas Road to a Childcare Center and won at City Hall. The Musial Circle Entrance was Revamped – our current logo is inspired by the tree at that entrance.The traffic signal at Alhambra and Douglas has been timed to allow safe egress/ingress into the Gate. Improvements at the intersection of Coral Gate Drive and Coral Way include the landscaped median in front of Sears and the addition of turning lanes at Boston Market. CGHA currently lobbies for a left-turn signal at the intersection. Residents opposed the conversion of a duplex abutting Coral Gate homes into a chapel with commercial elements that would attract unnecessary traffic and parking issues.


The Coral Gate Wall was built in record time with funds from the City of Miami transportation tax that was allotted along with repaving and curbing improvements on 32nd Avenue. Beautification projects include ongoing tree planting on swales to enhance Coral Gate “walkability.”