Now You Know - Tips

Now You Know

Pet Laws Update

The City of Miami has revised pet laws:

  • Vaccinate pets against rabies beginning at 4 months of age. Revaccinate every 1 to 3 years.
  • License your dogs annually
  • Keep their tags on at all times
  • You’re allowed 4 dogs on residential property that’s one acre or less, 6 dogs on 1-2 acres and 8 dogs on 2 acres or more.
  • You can’t buy/sell/own pit-bulls
  • Please pick up the poop after your dog and dispose properly.

Neighborhood Meetings

Neighborhood meetings take place at:
Coral Gate Park, 1415 SW 32nd AVE Miami, Fl 33145

When to Call Non-Emergency

For junk/trash piles at a busy intersection: Call #311
For suspicious activities or suspicious persons: Call Non-Emergency Police Dept. (305) 579-6111

Street Lights Out?

Call FPL at 1-800-468-8243

Thank You

Former Mayor Tomas Regalado

for all the years of service to our community.

Mayor Francis Suarez

for continuing the tradition of watching over Coral Gate.

City of Miami Police Commander Daniel Garrido and Neighborhood Resource Officers Sonyorlleline Sanchez and Errol Castrillo

Lazaro Quintero, NET Administrator

Coral Gate Park
1415 SW 32nd AVE • Miami, Fl. 33145
Tel: 305-960-5131 • Fax: 305-400-5440